The Go Beyond Way

The Go Beyond Way fuses ancient wisdom with modern research into the most effective forms of leadership, organizational culture, and effective business practices. The primary tenets of the Go Beyond Way are love, respect, trust, and teamwork.  

Love in this sense is not soft sentimentalism or permissiveness. Rather, it is the decision to act in the best interest of the other person, regardless of the consequences to self.

Respect is recognizing in the other person the divine spark from which flows human dignity. The proper response to recognizing the innate value of other human beings is to treat them like we want to be treated.

The product of these dual principles acting in harmony is trust. Each party in the relationship can rely on the other to act in his or her best interest and to treat him or her as a person of dignity and value. When this happens, walls come down and defense mechanisms are disarmed. People can be their authentic selves, and honest communication flows. Trust activated becomes teamwork: people pulling together to overcome obstacles and achieve a common vision or goal.