Six-Week Business Boost

Go Beyond LLC offers a 6-week long series of workshops to boost a company’s efforts to get to the next level. After assessing the present situation of the company, Go Beyond facilitates these workshops on two tracks: 1) personal/financial (for owner(s) and families) and/or 2) business (for owners and senior management team). The focus is on understanding the factors that drive value and build wealth. This comprehensive deep dive sets the stage for 90-day cycles of relentless execution that bring the business closer to best-in-class, improving sales and cash flow, and doubling or tripling the market value of your business.


Week 1   Education

Different teams are involved in the personal/financial and business tracks; however, both tracks should include key people in the owner’s life and business. The deliverable of this workshop is that both teams understand the facts of the current situation; strengths, weaknesses, and themes; the factors that drive the value of a business, and the Value Acceleration Methodology that we will follow going forward.

Week 2   Strategic Framework

If not previously conducted, this workshop will include envisioning, validating or adjusting core values, purpose, opportunities and risks.  Owners will set a 10-year goal, and develop 3-5 year quantifiable targets (for business: value, revenue, profit, market share; for personal/financial: net worth, annual income, needs vs wants) and the two areas they think they can dominate. Define 3-5 year capabilities that will enable reaching 3-5 year targets.

Week 3   Next 12 Months and Next Quarter

Define the one-year SMART goals (revenue, profit, net worth, personal income, etc). Define no more than 5 key initiatives (priorities) over the next 12 months. Define the next quarter quantified goals and no more than 5 priority actions to be completed in the next 90 days. These priority actions must be tied to key weaknesses that, if addressed, will have a significant positive impact on the business or owner’s personal situation. Define a few key metrics for both one year and quarterly goals to measure progress. Assign a champion to each priority.  Assign the work to be prepared for the Alignment workshop.

Week 4   Alignment

Each champion describes their action/project using the Opportunity Assessment format, covering: the history of the issue or problem to be solved and why it is important, possible courses of action, recommendation course of action, cost-benefit analysis, 90-day timeline and team structure, 3-5 milestones, description of the deliverable, define and commit resource requirements, define who is accountable for each task in the plan, name an accountability buddy.

Week 5   Metrics & Feedback System

This workshop develops a handful of key performance metrics that will provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly feedback. Teams will be continuously aligned to these metrics. Design dashboards for the personal/financial track and business track.

Week 6   Rhythm

This workshop defines the meeting and workshop rhythm to be used by the personal/financial and business core teams.  For the first 90-day cycle and moving forward.  Set quarterly Renewal Workshop dates.  Assign ownership of the calendar.  Recommended rhythm:

Mid-month:  1 to 1 check-in workshop (owner and champions)
Monthly: Accountability Workshop (core team and champions)
Quarterly: Renewal Workshop (champions report results, select next 5 actions from the Prioritized Action Plan, assign champions to each new action, plan the next 90-day cycle)
  • First 1-hour consultation is free.
  • Clients may select a Business only (6 workshops) track or Personal/Financial and Business tracks (12 workshops).
  • Price for Business only track is $10,000.  Price for Personal/Financial and Business tracks is $20,000.  Travel outside a 50-mile radius from zip code 22150 reimbursable at cost.




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