November 2018

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A business Metric that can transform your business if you know how to maximize it.

That metric is Value. We know a value acceleration methodology that can help you achieve exponential growth. We invite you to join us for our Learn to Build Value workshop.

Come learn how to double or triple the market value of your business while networking with other Business Owners at an in-depth educational program that will dig deep into the five stages of value maturity:

  • Stage 1: Identity Value – Answer the question…How is a business valued?
  • Stage 2: Protect Value – Clear your business and yourself from risk, and protect what you already have.
  • Stage 3: Build Value – Take steps to progressively improve those factors that have the most impact on market value
  • Stage 4: Harvest Value  Consider the pros and cons of all the options for transitioning from business ownership. Do not be part of the 80% that goes into liquidation.
  • Stage 5: Manage Value – Plan for “the big payday,” financial independence, and leaving a legacy before the day arrives.

Statistics prove that only 20% of businesses that go on the market will sell. We are in business to help you be part of that 20%.

Our ‘Reasons you should Evaluate your business’ workshop is one-and-a-half days on November 29-30th in Springfield, VA. Speakers will include experts in Business Evaluation, Wealth Management, Legal Issues, and Finance to name a few.

The informative owner workshop is by invitation only and is limited to 12 business owners only. Lunch will be included coupled with networking and collaboration with like-minded business owners. A small investment to open you up to a world beyond imagination.

For more information, call (703) 752 6155 or email [email protected]

‘Go Beyond what the world Expects.’