Management Consulting

Could your business benefit from Go Beyond’s management consulting approach that puts you, the owner, at the center?


Go Beyond, LLC begins by listening so we can fully understand your goals, environment, and challenges. We support our management consulting clients in the following areas:

check-icon Exit Planning Advisory (with Certified Exit Planning Advisors)

check-icon Six-Week Business Boost

check-icon Market Planning and New Market Entry

check-icon Operational Solutions

check-icon Workshops: Vision Formulation, Goals and Objectives, Action Planning, Innovation, Team Building,

check-icon New Product/Service Launch

check-icon Meeting Facilitation

check-icon Business Development/Capture Management/Sales/Proposal Support

check-icon Chief Outsider(s) (interim CEO, CFO, COO)

check-icon Other approaches designed for your specific needs

Answer our self evaluation questions and find out how your business is doing


  1. Do your employees understand and support the purpose of your business, and does how you operate reflect that purpose?
  2. Do you have a clear and compelling mental picture (vision) of where you want your organization to be in five or ten years, and have you expressed that mental picture in words?
  3. Do your employees know, understand, and support that vision, and you given them a road map for turning your vision into reality?
  4. Does your organization operate in a way that move it closer to the vision every day, and do you have mechanisms in place to make course corrections when you’ve gotten off track?
  5. Do you have a set of measures to tell you how well you are doing, and do those metrics cover all the bases: finances, customer/stakeholder satisfaction, operational excellence, human resources?
  6. Do you spend too much time putting out fires and handling crises instead of doing those things necessary to move the company forward?
  7. Do your employees know what they are responsible to do, and are procedures for routine tasks written down so anyone can step in and do them?
  8. Do customers/clients have a consistent experience of having their needs anticipated and met or do they pay their money and take their chances — depending on which personalities they encounter?
  9. Do you have a steady stream of new and repeat business or are your always on the edge of disaster?
  10. How often do you ask for feedback and ideas from customers, clients, partners, suppliers, or employees?
  11. Does your company look after the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well being of its employees?
  12. Would anyone outside your business really care if it just simply ceased to exist?

If you like all your answers, congratulations.  If you don’t like more than half of your answers, contact Go Beyond LLC today.