Exit Planning

Go Beyond LLC offers a full scope Exit Planning program, which is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that asks and answers all the business, personal, financial, legal, and tax questions involved in transitioning a privately owned business.  It’s purpose is to maximize the value of the business at the time of exit, minimize taxes, and ensure the owner is able to accomplish his or her personal and financial goals in the process.  Exit planning is achieved through developing a business transition plan that addresses three things (1) maximizing the value of your business, (2) ensuring you are personally and financially prepared, and (3) ensuring you have planned for the third act of your life.

Go Beyond LLC’s certified exit planning advisors (CEPA) employ the Exit Planning Institute’s (EPI) Value Acceleration Methodolgy — a value management system that makes the timing of your exit irrelevant.  The Benefits of this methodology include:

  • Building the market value of your business
  • Generating better cash flow
  • Preparing for contingencies
  • Preserving owner lifestyle
  • Putting the owner back in control of their business and life

Your Go Beyond LLC CEPA will serve as your Value Advisor, partnering with you and all your other advisors (attorneys, accountants, financial planners, wealth managers, bankers, various specialists, and your key management staff) to manage the project or unlocking your business wealth by helping you identify, protect, harvest, and manage the value of your business.

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