Company Marketability Quiz

Take this quiz to estimate how salable your company would be if you put it on the market.

Welcome to your How Salable Is My Company

What is your Company's ability to recruit and hire top talent?

How well does your Company motivate employees, inspire teamwork, and build a winning culture of discipline and relentless execution?

How well does your Company develop employees, identify high-potential individuals, and provide a path for career advancement?

How well does your Company retain top talent?

How strong are your Company's relationships with customers?

Is your Company integral to your customer's success because of the products and/or services that you offer are unique?

Are these relationships deep, long-term, and contractual?

How well does your Company reinforce customer relationships in a consistent, reliable, and recurring fashion?

Does your Company have a balanced portfolio of customers, with no more than 10% of revenue dependent on any one customer? (Count multiple divisions of one customer organization as a single customer.)

How transferable are your Company's customer relationships?

What is the condition of your Company's land, buildings, and other facilities?

Describe your Company's computer, data-processing, and communication systems. Are your up-to-date, fully integrated, and secure?

Describe the degree to which your Company's knowledge assets (policies, processes, procedures, technologies, work instructions, and intellectual property) documented in a way that makes them transferable.

How up-to-date are your Company's sales and marketing materials?

Is your Company's website attractive, easy to navigate, and up-to-date, and is it part of a fully developed Internet and Social Media strategy?

Describe your Company's management team.  Do you have a strong and experienced management team in place that has demonstrated the ability to make decisions and to drive successful outcomes, or is the Company largely dependent on the owner(s) for success?

Describe your Company's sales team. Is it a strong team with a record of new account growth?

Describe your Company's culture.  Have your developed and nurtured a winning culture, where management and employees practice unselfish service and treat each other with dignity so that they really trust each other?

Have you developed and communicated a clear and compelling Vision that converts mutual trust into teamwork and relentless execution?

How well do your Company's policies, procedures, and customs reflect the stated values of the Company and reinforce the culture in such a way that the winning culture is likely to survive the departure of the Founder?