You can go beyond what the world expects



Do the right things for the right reasons the right way

Holistic View

Helping business owner’s achieve their personal, financial, and business goals

Proven Methodology

Discover, Prepare, Decide, Act

Go Beyond

Live and work above the common level of life, choosing the harder right instead of the easier wrong

Background & Business Activities

Go Beyond, LLC is a Value Acceleration and Exit Planning company focused on helping owners of privately-held small and midsize businesses achieve their personal, financial, and business goals.

We start by gathering information about the owners and their businesses, seeking to understand the value drivers and those issues that might be holding the business back from greatness.  Then we help develop prioritized action plans that protect and grow the value of the business, so that owners can unlock the wealth they created.

During this process, we seek to take clients beyond the common level of business.  We help business owners, key management, and advisory teams mitigate risk, build on strengths, find efficiencies, enhance growth potential, and maximize enterprise value.  This transformational process drives the business towards becoming best-in-class in operational and financial performance. As a result, it is both more attractive to the market and more ready to transition when the time is right.

Every workshop, project, and interaction is characterize by unselfish service, respect, trust, and teamwork in pursuit of the client business owner’s personal, financial, and business goals. This is the “secret sauce” of Value Advisory and Exit Planning we provide, setting us apart from the average, everyday management consulting firms


Tom Fish

Managing Director

Tom Fish founded Go Beyond, LLC in March 2011. Tom has over 30 years of leadership experience in the military, intelligence, and business communities. He is the overall leader and principal consultant of the firm, responsible for client satisfaction, taking care of people, and growing the business.

Prior to founding Go Beyond, Tom led the Analysis and Training Division at KMS Solutions, LLC. Tom also led business development and transition activities for Defense Intelligence contracts at Mission Essential. Tom recently served over two years as Present and General Manager of Global Linguist Solutions LLC providing language and cultural services in over 20 countries in Europe and the Middle East.”