3-day Leadership Boot Camp

Learn about the way to lead that produces better than great results, for your people, for your customers, and for your organization.

Day 1 — What a leader must BE

Day 2 — What a leader must KNOW

Day 3 — What a leader must DO

Training will generally start on Wednesday and go through Friday, beginning at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. For your convenience, training can be planned for three Saturdays. Maximum number of participants is 24, minimum is 5. Indicated price is per person. Call (703) 300-4901 or email [email protected] for details.

Philosophy Behind Our Training:

At Go Beyond, LLC we believe that leaders are made, not born, and that individuals who are willing to undergo personal transformation can become Upside Down leaders who heal and transform their organizations to reach new levels of effective collaboration and teamwork. People within these transformed organizations will experience enhanced well being, growth, autonomy, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Upside Down Leadership is another way of saying servant leadership. Management guru Kenneth Blanchard in his book Leadership and the One Minute Manager pointed toward this kind of leadership by having the One Minute Manager state: “When you think in a pyramid… the assumption is that everyone works for the person above them on the organizational ladder. As a result, managers are thought to be ‘responsible’ for planning, organizing, and evaluating everything that happens in the organization while their people are supposed to be ‘responsive to the directives of management.’ That’s why people … end up thinking managers do all the work…. I prefer to turn the pyramid upside down so that top managers are at the bottom…. When that happens there is a subtle, but powerful, twist in who is responsible and who should be responsive to whom.”

There is strong evidence that Upside Down Leader/Servant Leadership holds material as well as spiritual and psychological rewards for both leaders and followers. Studies have shown that servant-led companies out performed the eleven Level 5 Leadership good-to-great companies studied by Jim Collins.

We at Go Beyond, LLC have adapted the tried and true BE-KNOW-DO model of leadership development to incorporate the growing body of knowledge building on the thoughts of Greenleaf. We also apply recent research on how adults learn to create experiential learning opportunities that drive home the benefits of the new knowledge and skills for maximum learning transfer.

This three-day Leadership Boot Camp will introduce the philosophy behind upside leadership and how it can benefit organizations, their members, and their customers. It will take you through the BE, KNOW, and DO of Upside Down Leadership, including fun and motivational activities to drive home the learning points.

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