Go Beyond LLC helps owners of privately-held small and midsize businesses build Value and create Wealth beyond income through Business Exit Planning strategies and Value Acceleration.

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  • Business Exit Planning simplifies complex issues; reduces risk; organizes action plans; integrates advisory teams; informs, trains, and educates owners and their staffs, and enables successful ownership transitions.
  • Exit Planning reduces anxiety and rewards owner action.
  • The results of Business Exit Planning can be life-changing: helping owners beat the odds; helping them plan the next phase of their lives and achieve fulfillment; helping them build and protect their legacy; and ushering them into the elite club of former owners who have successfully sold their businesses and reinvented themselves.
  • Our clients gain the resources to make a significant social impact by financially supporting the causes that matter most to them.


Go Beyond LLC can help your business go beyond what the world expects.

Business Exit Planning and Value Acceleration

If you foresee the day when you’ll consider exit your business, you need to clearly define your personal, financial, and business goals; maximize business value; and select the transition option that provides the best outcome. We can help. Learn about Exit Planning and Value Acceleration.

Get Unstuck and Moving Forward Again with the Six-Week Business Boost

If your business has become stuck, you need to get it growing again by using the methodologies adapted from Exit Planning to reach the next level. We can help. Learn about Six-Week Business Boost.

Owner Engagement Program

If you’re not sure where to start and want to learn the basics about Value Building and Exit Planning. Check out our Elim Group educational program for business owners.

Learn in a peer-to-peer environment with other business owners AND start building value while you are learning.  Check out our Power-5 program.

Go Beyond LLC is a service disabled veteran owned firm focused on serving small to midsize businesses to ensure their employees thrive and their customers return again and again. .

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Value Building & Exit Planning

leadership-developmentGo Beyond, LLC begins by listening so we can fully understand your goals, environment, and challenges.  We conduct assessments and valuations to baseline your business in terms of attractiveness, readiness, and value. Then we help you to systematically protect and grow the market value of your business, while ensuring your are becoming more personally and financially ready.

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Owner Engagement & Education

leadership-developmentOur owner education programs are designed to help owners gain vital new skills and insights while they are working to create a best-in-class business.

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Go Beyond, LLC was founded in 2011 on the vision of healing organizations through transforming leaders


What We Offer

Go Beyond, LLC began in 2011 with a focus Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, but quickly morphed into a Business Consulting firm, working with small and midsize companies to implement practical solutions to difficult problems. Leadership development and coaching became “baked into” our service offering.  Beginning in 2017, has added Exit Planning and Value Acceleration, leveraging the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) program and the resources of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI).

  • Have an impact for good (serve others)
  • Lead by example
  • Operate with absolute integrity ( Do what you say, Say what you mean, Do the right things for the right reasons),
  • Think win-win
  • Respect
  • Simplicity

Our mission: To help owners of small and midsize businesses maximize the value of their companies, enjoy success, and build a legancy through consulting services that go beyond what the world expects.

Our Vision :The Value Growth Advisors to privately-held Government contractors and veteran-owned businesses

From The Blog

Optimize Human Capital To Maximize Business Value

A quick survey of the literature concerning Exit Planning reveals almost universal agreement that what accounting systems can measure constitutes only a fraction of the enterprise value of a business.  As Chris Snider wrote in Walking to Destiny, “Today, wealth...
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The Go Beyond Exit, Part II

In Part I of The Go Beyond Exit, we introduced our blend of the Go Beyond Way and the Exit Planning Institute’s (EPI) Value Acceleration Methodology.  We explored three of six guiding principles: embrace the truth, empty your cup, and a chart a course. This...
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The Go Beyond Exit, Part I

Blending the Go Beyond Way with the Value Acceleration Methodology created by Chris Snider of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), this article introduces The Go Beyond Exit, which is embodied in the following six principles: embrace the truth, empty your cup, chart a course, do the work, eat your cake, and share the blessings. Presented as a logical sequence of steps, each principle also stands alone as a best practice.  Taken together they are a recipe for improved business leadership, successful business transition, personal growth, and a happier life.

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Collaborative Management Buyout

In the spirit of the Go Beyond Way, this article introduces to the idea of the Collaborative Management Buyout, in which the Management Team and the Business Owner(s) acknowledge the contributions of the other party to the past, present, and future success of...
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Every Day Counts In Exit Planning

“What you need to understand is that every day, you make decisions that impact your exit.” Christopher M. Snider, CEO, Exit Planning Institute A few weeks ago, a business owner I’ve known for well over ten years told me that he and his team were completely focused...
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Value Friendly Behavior

Owners of privately-held small and midsize businesses — realizing that every journey comes to an end — must cultivate value-friendly behavior in themselves and their teams in order to maximize the market value of their companies. The Hedgehog Concept, 20 Mile March, and relentless execution must all become part of the company’s culture. Your Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) will provide you with a prioritized action plan based on assessments of your company’s attractiveness and readiness. That plan will highlight value drivers to focus on to protect and build your company’s value. These would be excellent candidates for leading indicators to use in designing a 20 Mile March that is tailored for your company and its operating environment.

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Consulting Packages

Learn how your company can produce better than great results,
for your people and for your customers.

  • Advisory Package - Basic

  • Advisory Package - Deluxe

  • Elim Group

  • Power 5

  • 3-day Leadership Boot Camp

  • Advisory Package - Basic

  • Advisory Package - Deluxe

  • Elim Group

  • Power 5

  • 3-day Leadership Boot Camp