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Go Beyond LLC is dedicated to helping owners of privately-held small and midsize companies achieve their personal, financial, and business goals by maximizing the value of their business and unlocking the wealth they have created through Business Exit Planning strategies and the Value Acceleration Methodology.


  • Our Business Exit Planning approach simplifies complex issues; reduces risk; organizes priority tasks into action plans; integrates your advisory team; informs, trains, and educates owners and their staffs, and enables you to make more money selling your business.
  • In the process, we reduce anxiety and reward owners for taking action.
  • The results of Business Exit Planning can be life-changing:  helping owners beat the odds; helping them plan the next phase of their lives and achieve fulfillment; helping them build and protect their legacy; and ushering them into the elite club of former owners who have successfully sold their businesses and reinvented themselves.
  • Ultimately, our clients will finally have the resources to make a significant social impact by financially supporting the causes that matter most to them.


Go Beyond LLC can help your business go beyond what the world expects.

Business Exit Planning and Value Acceleration

If you foresee the day when you’ll consider exit planning, you need to clearly define your personal, financial, and business goals; maximize business value; and select the transition option that provides the best outcome. We can help. Learn about Exit Planning and Value Acceleration.

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Get Unstuck and Moving Forward Again with the Six-Week Business Boost

If your business has become stuck, you need to get it growing again by using the methodologies adapted from Exit Planning to reach the next level. We can help. Learn about Six-Week Business Boost.

Learn to Thrive as a Midsize Business

If you are a small U.S. Government contractor getting ready to graduate from your small business status, you need to compete successfully against midsize and large companies. We can help by using key strategies from Exit Planning. Learn about our Basic Advisory Package.

Submit More Winning Proposals

If you are a U.S. Government contractor of any size and your growth objectives require supporting more proposals.  We can help. Learn about Proposal Support.

Get the Help You Need to Succeed

If your business is growing faster than you can manage well, you may need to bring in professional management. We can help. Learn about our Deluxe Advisory Package.


Go Beyond LLC is a service disabled veteran owned firm focused on serving small to midsize businesses to ensure their employees thrive and their customers return again and again. .

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Management Consulting

leadership-developmentGo Beyond, LLC begins by listening so we can fully understand your goals, environment, and challenges.  We support our management consulting clients in the following areas :

• Research and Analysis

• Vision Formulation

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Leadership Development

leadership-developmentHalf-Day, Full-Day, and Three-Day Leadership Development seminars, As Well As 1-on-1 or Group Coaching arrangements. Longer, Customized Leadership Boot Camps focusing on leaders at different level in the organization (first line supervisors, leaders of leaders, and executive leaders) are also available.

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Go Beyond, LLC was founded in 2011 on the vision of healing organizations through transforming leaders


What We Offer

Go Beyond, LLC began in 2011 with a focus Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, but quickly morphed into a Business Consulting firm, working with small and midsize companies to implement practical solutions to difficult problems. Leadership development and coaching became “baked into” our service offering.  Beginning in 2017, has added Exit Planning and Value Acceleration, leveraging the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) program and the resources of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI).

  • Have an impact for good (serve others)
  • Lead by example
  • Operate with absolute integrity ( Do what you say, Say what you mean, Do the right things for the right reasons),
  • Think win-win
  • Respect
  • Simplicity







Our mission: To help owners of small and midsize businesses maximize the value of their companies, enjoy success, and build a legancy through consulting services that go beyond what the world expects.



Our Vision :The Value Growth Advisors to privately-held Government contractors and veteran-owned businesses

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Consulting Packages

Learn how your company can produce better than great results,
for your people and for your customers.

  • Advisory Package - Basic

  • Advisory Package - Deluxe

  • Elim Group

  • Power 5

  • 3-day Leadership Boot Camp

  • Advisory Package - Basic

  • Advisory Package - Deluxe

  • Elim Group

  • Power 5

  • 3-day Leadership Boot Camp